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Vision Combined with Day-To-Day Functionality

Get the most out of an experienced team for your project.

Whether renovating your space or building-out your business, the success of a project depends on the selection of the right construction manager.

At Arsenal Constructors, we choose the best-suited professionals for your culture, industry, architecture and requirements.

Our team has over 25 years of experience completing projects in several sectors across Canada – including corporate, retail, restaurants, grocery and government.


Ensuring a safe working environment is our #1 priority. Being IHSA COR certified, Arsenal Constructors emphasizes its structure to be safety oriented on every project. 

Arsenal Constructors employs a full-time Safety Manager responsible for monitoring and auditing all active sites to ensure safety protocols are being followed. As a company, we are committed to providing the most up-to-date safety training to our teams – paying careful adherence to the ever changing regulatory requirements.

Arsenal's 3 Step Process

Before your engagement begins, a thorough selection process is conducted to choose a team who is the best fit with your people and project.

Your talented project manager forms specialized teams and assumes full ownership and accountability for executing your project from Pre-to-Post Construction.


Pre-Construction services play a crucial role in laying the foundation for a successful project. By thoroughly planning, coordinating, and preparing before the construction begins, ACI strives to minimize risks, optimize resources, and deliver a high-quality project.


Encompassing both design and construction management responsibilities, ACI properly manages the project’s vision, budget, and timeline in order to help achieve successful outcomes. 

Construction Management

ACI integrates comprehensive planning, coordination, and execution to deliver successful projects that meet client’s objectives in terms of quality, schedule, and budget.


During this stage, our services include:

  • Preparation of development performa
  • Selection of design consultants
  • Management of the municipal application process including;
    • Site plan approval
    • Municipal bylaw variances
    • Building permit drawing and applications
  • Financing requirements
  • Preparation of schedules


Once the project begins, your experienced project manager will handle:

  • Design initiation and development using in-house consultants
  • Preparation & monitoring of design and construction budgets
  • Preparation & monitoring of detailed construction schedules
  • Preparation & monitoring of tender and contract documents
  • Contract negotiation and awards to subcontractors
  • Site administration & supervision
  • Site reviews with all authorities having jurisdiction
  • Weekly site meetings with distribution of meeting minutes
  • Preparation of all documents for project occupancy & close-out
  • Preparation of all documents for warranty and maintenance use

Construction Management

During this stage, our services include:

  • Preparation of all safety documents
  • Preparation & monitoring of construction budget
  • Preparation & monitoring of construction schedule
  • Preparation of contract & tender documents
  • Contract administration
  • Coordination & project administration
  • Site safety & supervision
  • Communication & management of all governing authorities
  • Preparation of all documents for occupancy & project close-out
  • Preparation of all documents for warranty & maintenance use
If your business needs to stay open while renovating, ACI has extensive experience in this environment. By managing employees, the general public, and your business, ACI continues to enforce strict safety and operational requirements throughout the project.